We added our Studio space because we felt our clients needed a space to encourage movement.  Movement encourages Qi and Blood (energy) to move through your body, supports joint mobility and health, and promotes brain health.


Pilates apparatus
Tai chi
Tai chi
Pilates apparatus
Pilates BARRE
Pilates apparatus
Pilates BARRE
Pilates apparatus
12.00 pm
Pilates apparatus
2.45 pm
Easy fit dance class
Pilates apparatus
All of our classes are small and intimate. 
Bookings are essential. 
Classes will be cancelled if no one booked 1 hour prior to start time.
Please try and provide 4 hours notice if you would like to cancel to allow another to fill your spot.

NB. The easy fit classes are booked directly with Andrea 



Pilates apparatus class

Our bodies have an incredible range of movement, and if trained properly, can be capable of great things.

Pilates strengthens, stabilises and lengthens your body’s spine, joints and muscles, with a focus on core stability, increasing mobility, improving posture, coordination and endurance. 

Specialised props are utilised to deepen practise intensity, including soft weights, stability balls, resistance springs, bands and more.

Our classes are small and personalised, so all participants receive individual attention and practical results.

Adult Ballet Class

Dance fit BARRE

Dancefit Barre is a low impact dance based workout using the body as resistance.

The barre is used to tone, sculpt and maximise all the muscle groups all at once, with a fusion of pilates, dance and smaller target movements.

No dance experience or fancy gear required, just come along and dance yourself fit with great music and classic retro tunes.


Pilates BARRE

Barre is a fusion of Pilates, functional movement training, and classical dance principles, with high repetition exercises to tone and lengthen the whole body.

Utilising a ballet barre and Pilates props, your body will be challenged no matter your fitness level - expect to work up a sweat.

Dance Class

Easy fit dance class

A low impact dance movement class with popular classic tunes for the over 50's.

A fun way to gain more strength and balance.  You won't even realise you are working out until you see the results.  Get more movement out of your later years, and have fun doing it.

Book directly with Andrea 0274776014

Tai Chi

Tai chi

Taichi is a Chinese martial art that focuses on improving your health, balance and co-ordination through a series of slow and graceful movements.


The gentle and relaxing motions of Taichi help calm the nervous system, while improving joint health and function. This makes it an ideal form of exercise for people of all ages, particularly those who a recovering from injury, or wanting to stay healthy as they age.

Yoga Class


Yoga is a mind and body practice that uses breath with physical movement to postures (asana's). Designed to stretch, exercise and tone the muscles and joints.  Yoga works not only on the bodies frame but internal organs, glands and  nerves, keeping the whole body radiant.  Additionally the yogic breathing relaxes the mind and soul.

We offer mainly a hatha style, but our classes are varied and our teachers offer intimate classes which cater to those attending and the environment around us.

Iyengar Yoga Class Triangle


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