About Us

Waitakere Health Hub is a multidisciplinary wellness clinic providing knowledgeable, honest, individualised care for the people of West Auckland. 

Utilising osteopathy, acupuncture, massage, romiromi, midwifery, tai chi, pilates and yoga with red light therapy and infrared sauna we provide the tools to help you take ownership of your own health.

Providing the services, through practitioners and partners, to aid your well-being


Our Story

Waitakere Health Hub started its existence as Waitakere Osteopathic Centre in 1993.  It was located on Lincoln Road and by 2009 it was in the old Corban's Estate home opposite the arts centre on Great North Road until recently.  Due to current redevelopments in the area we have relocated back to our origins and are now at 199b Lincoln Road.

This was an excellent time for the evolution of our company to Waitakere Health Hub, reflecting the additional services we provide.  We see ourselves as a group of like-minded practitioners sharing our knowledge and differing practices with each other and our clients.

Meet The Team


Vincent attained a master of Osteopathy and a Bachelor of Applied Science from Unitec Institute of Technology in New Zealand in 2015.  After graduating he went to work in Australia for a few years and then brought his skills back to his home turf of West Auckland.

Vincent’s treatment style investigates causality of injury and aims to prevent recurrence of injury, not only with a structural and mechanical osteopathic approach, but by also providing clients with the knowledge they require to further maintain their wellbeing.

With an extensive background of playing and spectating rugby and baseball/softball, he has a keen interest in sports performance, injury prevention and rehabilitation. This was reflected in his research, where he worked with a Super Rugby franchise, analysing dysfunctional movement patterns and their potential to lead to the development of injury.

Vincent Reyland


Gareth completed his 4 years of study to gain his Bachelor of Health Science in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (CM) at the New Zealand School of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (NZSATCM) which is New Zealand’s leading institution of its kind.

He was first introduced to the concepts of CM through his involvement in Tai Chi and martial arts as they require an extensive understanding of human physiology and body movement. When learning martial arts, injuries are not uncommon, therefore acupuncture and tui-na (a Chinese form of massage) are often used to speed up recovery time.

Gareth has effectively treated a vast range of conditions and health concerns using Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture as well as modern methods and tools such as heat lamps, electro-acupuncture and fascial manipulation. These vary from treatment for injuries, musculoskeletal pain, headaches, digestive dysfunctions, mood disorders, and women’s health.


When not working with us Gareth is teaching and training at his martial arts school - Enlightenment Martial Arts in Mt Eden.  When he isn't training or healing he is chasing his two little humans around.


Gareth Van Sambeek

Acupuncturist and Manual Therapist

Rachel is always saying she loves what she does! She loves the simplicity of Chinese medicine (CM).

She enjoys the mechanical aspect of musculoskeletal treatments and uses CM to encourage faster healing and recovery, and supplementing the bodies energy to prevent repetitive injuries occurring. She also specialises in digestive issues, women’s health, ART and fertility as well as obstetrics.


Rachel has always had a strong calling to her Chinese and Maori culture. Believing there are gems in the philosophies of indigenous cultures that can be passed into the fast paced Western world we live in.


It is not about taking a path of meditation and abstinence, but incorporating small conscious every day acts that nurture you to wellbeing.  Teaching yourself not to be too busy for you.

When not treating Rachel is chasing her 3 year old child around and sorting things around the clinic.

Rachel Gotlieb


Anna uses a holistic approach when working with people to form a personalised treatment plan aimed at helping to alleviate pain and tension while improving quality of movement and wellbeing. Whatever your occupation and whether you’re an athlete or a weekend warrior, Anna can tailor a treatment to support your individual needs and goals with a range of techniques including relaxation, deep tissue, myofascial, neuromuscular and therapeutic techniques.

Anna also incorporates appropriate self-care options such as stretches, exercises, and breathing and relaxation protocols that can be incorporated into daily life.

Anna is a registered massage therapist with Massage New Zealand who has recently graduated from the New Zealand College of Massage with a Level 6 Diploma of Remedial Massage.

Anna lives in Piha with her family. In her spare time she can be found in her garden, running on the Waitakere bush tracks, driving her teenager daughters around and playing competitive hockey.


Anna Shattky

Massage Therapist

Taurere attained a Bachelor of applied science from Unitec institute of technology in New Zealand in 2020. He is currently completing his thesis for his Master of Osteopathy at Unitec of Technology.

Being from Tahiti, Tau considers himself as Pacifica before everything else. Growing up in the islands taught him the importance of collectivism and care for each individual.  He is drawn to osteopathy as well as relaxing massage therapy from his love for care and well-being.  He finds it very rewarding to care for patients. Tau considers himself as being a holistic practitioner with a focus on encouraging movement and function of the different parts of the body.

Being a former international athlete on track and field he now likes going for a good swim and walks in the beautiful surroundings of Aotearoa. He also loves music, producing music, and is always up for a good jam outside of work, whether it is jazz, rock, pop, funk, or soul.

Taurere Teganahau

Massage Therapist

As soon as Rosa found Pilates, she knew it would be a life long relationship.
Coming from a dance background and leading a very active life, she was amazed at the endless crossovers of Pilates into almost every other practise in life, whether it be work, sports, or just getting out of bed.

Trained in contemporary Pilates through STOTT, she has studied Pilates Mat Work, Reformer Pilates, and Barre.

She is passionate about the journey to understanding peoples ever-changing bespoke bodily needs, and helping to facilitate a better quality of life.

When not aiding people to move their bodies better, she is off travelling Aotearoa in her self renovated van or doing rārangi with whānau.


Rosa Easton

Pilates instructor

Maddy Kirk

Yoga teacher

Ko Moehau tōku maunga 

Ko Waihou tōku awa 

Ko Tikapa tōku moana 

Ko Hauraki tōku whenua 

Ko Tainui tōku waka 

Ko Ngāti Maru tōku iwi 

Ko Madeleine Te Wairua ahau 


Maddy’s relationship with Yoga began in 2011. Beginning with the dynamic practices of Vinyasa and Ashtanga for the physical benefits. It wasn’t until the birth of her children and the experience of ‘Matrescence’ occurred, that a curiosity about the depth of Yoga beyond an asana practice (physical postures) began to develop. Completing her 200h YTT in Classical Hatha through Kawai Purapura, committed her to the use of Yoga as a way to understand and cultivate the relationship between the body, the breath, the mind. Currently, she is continuing her study of Yoga under Karina Guthrie and Natalie Backman in a 300h YTT based in the lineaged tradition of Srī Vidyā. A second-year naturopathy student, she is devoted to a holistic approach to Hauora, wellbeing. A mother, wife, fallible human being, lifelong student, doing her absolute best to explore and share the joy we all have the capacity to experience. 

Liana's passion for yoga started in the late 90's while she was studying Contemporary Dance (Unitec).  From there she built up a strong interest in somatic practices Yoga being one of them.

Liana didn't start teaching until 2013 which is when she meant reknown Yoga teacher Vincent Bolletta.  She has primarily trained under Vincent Bolletta including his Hansa Flow training and has recently finished 200hr Yoga Therapy course.  Liana has also completed a Space and Flow Immersion in Greece with Raphan Kebe and Yin training with Jo Phee.

Liana is an accomplished dancer. She has been dancing since she was six years old, professionally for 20 years.
Her style of Yoga teaching embodies the grace, discipline and strength that dance requires. Her classes are also playful and she is super down to earth.

Liana also offers one-on-one private classes.


Liana Yew

Yoga instructor

Our Partners


Rachael Hastings and Nicola Carmody love working with pregnant women through the process of childbirth and the postnatal period.


Pregnancy and child birth is an amazing journey. At West Auckland Midwives, we support natural birth, and are highly trained to identify any problems to ensure mothers and babies are looked after with the utmost care.


Let our practice of expert midwives guide you through your pregnancy and childbirth journey.

West Auckland Midwives


Piripi Prem Kirton-Morunga

Piripi (Ngāpuhi) is a romiromi practitioner working extensively in Aotearoa. Trained under the guidance of Te Maurea - traditional Māori healing. Romiromi massage is a form of tradtitional Māori healing that balances your physical  mental, emotional, and spiritual energy.  Piripi is ACC accredited to perform romiromi to aid you back to wellbeing.


Piripi also works with whakairo and the performing and creative Arts delivering Māori movement, taonga pūoro (Māori instruments/music/healing practices), taiaha (working with rākau/staff), and art wānanga and workshops.  Piripi's recent work is in collaboration with The Dance Studies Department at The University of Auckland and Unitec, Ngā Waī a te Tūī Māori and Indigenous Research Centre around Indigenous perspectives on chronic pain, and the relationship between Uhi Moko and Romiromi.

Contact Piripi directly to make a booking.


Ph:  021 071 7501


Chloe Lebee


Ph:  022 064 8616

Chloe is passionate about creating a progressive vision of mental health care, using hypnotherapy as a stepping stone to explore the vast potential of our subconscious mind and emotional intelligence.


Her skills have been carved by a journey destined to care for others. Born and raised in France, she is now walking in the footsteps of her ancestor Nathanial Cotton who took care of mental health patients in England and was a published poet. Chloe follows the lineage of her whakapapa 300 years later with her innate passion for poetry and emotional wellness.


Her recent grief and experience with our current mental health care system have made her more determined than ever to help you harness the power of your own resources - making space for you to experience trust, purpose, confidence, and healing. Whether you want to quit smoking, lose weight, get over your fears and anxiety, or simply care for your emotional and mental well-being, Chloe has got you covered.


"I am not my thoughts, emotions, sense perceptions, and experiences. I am not the content of my life. I am Life. I am the space in which all things happen." Eckhart Tolle.


Andrea Krissansen

Dance teacher

Ph: 027 477 6014

Andrea started dancing at age 4 with tap and ballet (BBO) and jazz (NZAMD) at 7yrs old and becoming an assistant dance teacher at her mother's dance studio from 14yrs old .The studio is still open in Auckland and now Paeroa over 45 yrs later


Andrea has competed at the highest level including winning N.Z tap championships and N.Z scholarships in tap currently holds solo diplomas in jazz and tap in BBO TDI and NZAMD.

Andrea teaches all styles and levels of dance from open classes to international examinations including the IDTA syllabus and international teachers diplomas, international dance workshops, events and auditions and has worked professionally with top n.z entertainment artists performers,directors and event companies for over 25 years.

Andrea is running BARRE classes for fitness and dance fit classes for the elderly promoting strength and flexibility thought fun movements which everyone can enjoy.

These classes can be booked directly with Andrea 0274776014


Susanna and her husband Dieter are the brain child behind Bwell.  They share a vision to create a service catering for the many people who are healthy yet wish to fulfil their true potential, using coaching, consultation and massage services they assist their clients into creating, optimising their personal well-being of both mind and body.

Susanna trained as a Massage practitioner at the NZ College of Massage and is always continuing her studies in the alternative health sector.  She uses many different forms of massage to aid your body to heal itself.

When not working with us at the clinic Susanna is working from home in Huia, and in her spare time she is a long distance swimmer, and has taken part in many multi-sport competitions.

Susanna Dvorak


Kate Duder

Kate from Inside Matters has partnered with us to bring her passion of red light therapy and infrared sauna to us all.

A little from Kate..


"I started to look into the benefits of red light therapy and infrared sauna a few years ago when researching alternative treatments to support my health. I have a genetic condition called Elhers Danlos Syndrome which has lead to hypermobility, body pain (similar to Fibromyalgia), ME/Chronic fatigue, low blood pressure and digestive issues. I understand the challenges people with a chronic illness face in the mainstream medical system and and love working with others to help them support their wellbeing naturally from their own homes. Since I started using red light therapy and sauna I have noticed improved energy and less body pain. I am excited to be able to offer to make these treatments accessible to others with the same or similar conditions. We have shorter time sessions available to enable you to start slow and build up your tolerance so please reach out to discuss these". 

Kate is also an essential oils specialist and is happy to help with any questions on how essential oils could complement your body treatments at Waitakere Health Hub, help your recovery from injury and support your mental and physical health. 

This could be you


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