All of our treatments are excellent adjunct therapies to Western medical treatment and each other.  We are curating a wonderful series of treatments to promote well-being and health.


An initial consultation is minimum 45 minutes, thereafter it is usually a follow up appointment which is 30 minutes unless you request or require a longer appointment.


Initial consultation

Private first appointment
ACC first appointment

Follow up consultation

Private follow up

30 minute appointment
45 minute appointment
60 minute appointment

ACC follow up

30 minute appointment
45 minute appointment
60 minute appointment

ACC32 processing for old injuries





Concession prices for seniors and babies/toddlers


Acupuncture is generally an hour session.  Sometimes for follow up appointments only 45 minutes is required.

Constitutional facial acupuncture is an hour and a half treatment to nourish and pamper you inside and out.  As you know beauty comes from the inside.

Acupuncture Private  

Acupuncture ACC 

Cupping 30 minutes 

Constitutional facial acupuncture








General massage is a therapeutic massage, where the practitioner works with you and your body on what you need.

Alternatively book a pregnancy massage.

Massage 1 hour

Massage 45 minutes

Pregnancy massage 1 hour




Infrared Sauna and Red Light Therapy

Red and near-infared light therapy (also called photobiomodulation) can penetrate the body by several centimetres and benefit the cells and tissues. Increasing cellular metabolism and energy, increase strength, endurance and muscle mass, reduce inflammation, fight aging skin, cellulite, and reduce adipose tissue, healing on a cellular level.

Infra red sauna's don't heat the air around you, but use infra red wavelengths to heat you from the inside out.  It helps relieve inflammation, increase blood supply to muscles, release metabolic waste, and increase well-being.


Infrared sauna 30 min 

Red light therapy 20 min 

Red light therapy 10mins + infra red sauna

Additional person per sauna session

Concession cards available - get your 10th session FREE.





If you have a chronic illness talk to us about a week pass or shorter timeframe sessions. 

Cancellation policy

Please give as much notice as possible if you need to cancel your appointment.  We are a very busy clinic and a fee of $40 may be charged if you give less than 24 hours notice before cancelling your appointment.  If you do not show for your appointment, charges will be charged as a cancellation.


Appointments must be paid for on the day of treatment.

Eftpos, credit card and cash are accepted forms of payment.


Most Insurance providers will offer a rebate on Osteopathic treatment.

Please check with your provider to ensure you are eligible.

Some providers also will cover acupuncture and massage.


Acupuncture and osteopathy treatments are covered by ACC, you will need to pay the surcharge.  Only an osteopath can lodge your ACC45 form for your claim.  We can not organise medical certificates to give you time off work, you need to see your GP.


WINZ supplier

We are registered as a WINZ supplier