Applying sustained pressure using long deep slow strokes to muscles and connective tissue, reduces tension in muscle tissue.  It increases blood flow and aids healing as well as promotes relaxation.

Our team of qualified massage therapists offer an individualised approach to support your body’s unique needs.

It is our job is to help you overcome muscular tension, pain, sports injuries and postural deficiencies, while gaining better movement and functionality.  

Massage is a remedy to stress, insomnia or disrupted sleep, muscular tension.   It can help improve emotional wellbeing, sleep,  and also calm the nervous system.


Techniques that might be used include; sports massage, relaxation, deep tissue and trigger point work, myofascial release and  breath-work.  You may also be offered self-care treatments to perform such as stretches, exercises, breathing or self massage techniques.

Support your wellbeing with a massage. 

Treatments we offer



Is massage covered by ACC

Massage is not unfortunately covered by ACC. 


But some Southern Cross medical policies cover massage. Please discuss this with Southern Cross to find out.

or medical insurance?