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Energetics of food

All foods have an energetic property some are warming, cooling heating and some promote sweating.  They are not always what you imagine. 

Eating seasonally is the best example as to how the universe intended food to be your medicine, but if you are out of balance food can also be a way to reduce symptoms.  Check out this summary on the energetics of food.


Sustainability policy

It is important that we care for the planet as much as we care for our clients.

Check out our sustainability plan here.

Save the Planet

B.B.T charts

B.B.T stands for Basal Body Temperature, a wonderful way to track and manage your fertile times or fertility. 


They also tell us as practitioners lot about what your body is doing throughout your cycle.


Read the ins and outs of this technique.


Pregnancy and labour resources

Such a special and fascinating time, the body does some crazy things.  Here is a list of what we can help with, and web and acupressure resources to support you through this miraculous time and aid with the preparation of labour.

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