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Yoga Class


If you are looking for a viable way to turn health into an asset for your company we provide real and practical solutions.

If you understand the value of providing your staff with the tools for optimum wellbeing, increasing performance and resilience.  Then you already know the relationship between health on productivity and profitability.

We help Auckland business to value, appreciate and look after their staff.


Did you know that investing in your staffs health and wellbeing increases job satisfaction and commitment, decreases chances of burnout and increases productivity.  


Studies have shown that regular Yoga in the workplace decreased perceived stress and increased wellbeing and resilience. Pilates in the workplace increased lower limb and abdominal strength therefore decreasing the chance of workplace injury. Mindfulness meditation and breath-work can decrease anxiety and stress in the workplace. Decreasing your staffs stress levels not only increases productivity with a clear head but also decreases the chance of burnout and stress related illnesses.


We can provide tailored sessions to benefit your work team and their needs.  Whether that be health and safety for more efficient lifting, or postural alignment for desk work.  The focus can be on posture, stretching the limbs or breath work for stress relief we will work with you and your team on your work place wellness goals.

Benefits of a corporate wellbeing programme are:

-  Kotahitanga (team building),

-  Foster good relationships

-  Decrease absenteeism

-  Attract and retain talent

-  Decrease staff turnover

-  Decrease stress and increase productivity

-  Promote wellbeing increasing weight loss, decrease blood pressure and improve sleep.


All things that increase productivity for your business.

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