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The wonderful world of wellness!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Health and wellbeing is a tricky world to navigate, and it is our job to help break down the science to easily digestible morsels.

Waitakere Health Hub evolved from a group of like minded practitioners who wanted to offer our clients more! More knowledge and information, better posture and strength, tips on navigating our crazy busy world, courses to help us grow and learn more about ourselves, natural products sourced sustainably and ethically, supplements that are tested to the highest quality and most important of all hapori (community).

An improptu team picture, sorry missing Anna who was on a 12 hour ambulance run, and Taurere who is in Tahiti, and Ann in Canada.

From this kaupapa we have started a blog to educate, debate and assess different health fads and the science, provide information on what we have, what we do and who we are. All while keeping it simple and having a laugh.

We are all on this journey to a better healthier self, a calmer mind, and a happier more present existence.

Follow us and as we investigate tips for living your best life,

Leave us comments we love to hear from you, or message us if there is something you would like us to investigate for you.

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