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A unique and potent combination of natural New Zealand native herbs, plus a wide array of traditionally proven botanicals.

Customers report the ability to rejuvenate tired muscles before, during and after exercise, and the ability to assist in muscle recovery.


Comfort Zone contains natural ingredients that have traditionally been used by the New Zealand Maori to assist with bruising, swelling, pulled muscles, soreness, sprains and strains.

Both products are made with our special blend of herbs, including New Zealand grown harakeke (Phormium tenax) – a native New Zealand plant, well known for its broad and powerful properties.

Sensation: varies based on individual. Can be experienced as a cold or hot skin sensation, which intensifies when pores are open. e.g. following exercise, hot bath or shower.

Application: use topically and massage into skin. Apply liberally (3ml+) and massage deeply into muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons. Re-apply as required

Comfort zone

GST Included
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