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X-ZONE is a high-potency muscle rub designed for professional and amateur athletes who continually push body and mind into the X-zone.

It packs a punch when muscles, ligaments, tendons & joints come under intense stress load and heavy-duty support is needed, FAST.


X zone Muscle rub pot

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GST Included
    • PotencyHigh Potency - designed to pack a punch for heavy-duty muscle performance, recovery and support.
    • Sensation: varies based on individual. Can be experienced as a cold or hot skin sensation, which intensifies when pores are open. e.g. following exercise, hot bath or shower.
    • Application: for best results, rub X-ZONE into key muscle groups. Re-apply after 10 minutes, or as required.
    • Active Ingredients: Menthol, Harakeke, Spearmint, Witchhazel, Clove, Kumerahou, Arnica, Cayenne and Cocoa Butter in an aqueous gel.
    • Quantity: 100g pot.
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