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At Waitākere Health Hub,

we contribute 1% of our online revenue to carbon removal

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An effort needs to be made by all people to make the world a better place.  One of our major challenges is the enormous amount of people on the planet and the footprint we leave.  It is our kaupapa that we minimise our impact as much as possible, and as a business we actively minimise our waste and recycle everything we can.


We have made changes to our business in the last few years to achieve our goals.

Such as changing our bedding to microfibre and washing between clients rather than using paper rolls.  Removed the paper/polystyrene cups from the water filter machine.  And offering as many of our forms digitally as possible for those who are technologically savy enough to work paperless.


When I brought the business I inherited thousands of old patient files from before the company went digital.  Over lockdown we endeavoured to scan as many as we could to digital patient files.  Then disposed of the waste ethically; with a secure paper recycling bin, and removing plastic tags for rubbish and recycling the cardboard folders.  This was a huge job!!  And is still ongoing.


We recycle as much as we can, with soft plastics being taken to the supermarket next door when we get supplies, normal Auckland recycling, batteries at Mitre10.  When we made the move to our new site and developed Waitākere Health Hub, there was so much waste.  We tried to recycle as much of this as possible.  If you ever have to make lots of kit set furniture, check out DIVERT for your polystyrene recycle.


Integrity is used for our choices of products.  We use plastic free, sustainably source bamboo toilet paper and tissue paper.  The company car is electric, eventually putting more EV’s into the secondhand market. 


We are trying to leave this planet better than it was when we came, so we do our part for our children.  If you have any ideas that we can adopt please let us know.

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